Monday, July 18, 2005

Glimpses of Paris

This was my first pit stop at Paris... The "Arc de Triumph / Charles de Gaulle Etoile".. this was built by Napoleon. It was a beautiful monument ( looked more or less like our Gateway of India ),the main thing was that we could go on top of this.. ( climbing the scary spiral staircase ), you can get a beautiful view of the Eiffel, The main street Champs Elysses, also there were about 8 roads intersecting at this point. ...More to come..

The roads meeting up at the "Arc de Triumph"

This snap is taken from the inside of the Louvre...the biggest museum in the world.
The glass pyramid is the reception/entrance.

Eiffel... need not say more... the last one was taken at 2:00 in the night

The Notredame Church.... near the river Seine

The Sacre Cour church.. beautiful place.. atop a hill, could get a good view of the city.

Busy for Nothing!

It's been long since I posted anything!!!!! Well, my title says it all.....ever since I am back here.. at work there is something or the other that's holding me. I have been sooooo busy, but I dunno why!!!....."Busy for Nothing"

I am so surprised that I am unable to do even half of the things I used to do. Wonder what's wrong!

Anyways.. thank you all for dropping by. I promise that I will be more regular from now on :-)