Friday, January 13, 2006

Kick Start to a New Year!!!!!!

Yes... this title was inspired by my previous post... lemme explain this ->
"What a kick start to my New Year!!!"

It's a very common question asked to someone who's broken their leg! -> Who did your try to kick??? Isn't it? I was one who always used to wonder how something as strong and hard as a bone can I know!

It just takes 2-3 seconds and lots of bad luck. The other "not-so-important" facts include flat slippers, pot holes/uneven ground and assumption that nothing can go wrong when you are just walking along!!!!

Just 4 days into the New Year and this invitation came in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fracture in my, it's just a month long wait to get rid of the awful thing

Coming back soon.....

Caffeine Kick!!!!!

Coffee has been something which I have loved as a drink. My
day doesn't start without a cup of coffee. Whether it is morning or
noon, or evening as you sit together with a friend at a coffee
joint, the caffeine kick works at all times.

I cannot spend a day without having coffee:)....well, I do
admire the people who can go on without having coffee at all....
something about it is not good.... too bitter, too strong, the
smell, something about it is not liked by them.....
.....but, I am sure.... everything about it is liked by me!

These snaps were taken by me when I had been to Chickmagalur (
the Land of Coffee) with my friends -> its Coffee all the way.