Friday, September 23, 2005

The Everyday Journey

I had wanted to write about this from a long time…..but,somehow haven't had the time and patience :).

A minimum of 2 hours everyday go for traveling from home to office and back.... considering the fact that office is soooo far from everything!!!

Initially I was getting really irritated by the fact that so much time is wasted daily. Something had to be done about the same. Talks happened regarding Car-pooling, but this doesn't work out daily as the timings each person works is different. So, I had to stick to the same thing... take the morning shuttle to office at 7:45 and use the same service in the evening either @ 6:15 or 7:30.
It's been long since this daily journey has become a part of me. There was a time when I used to grumble each day, but I slowly came out of it... there is something good and bad about everything.... isn't it???

To start with….in the morning, to take my shuttle, I take a small walk from home; the good to it is the small walk I get to do in the fresh morning air…..whereas at times when I am late even this 5 minute walk feels like a mile.

I get into the cab and see familiar faces….. A small greeting with each other ( mostly seated at the same seat you see them everyday!), I settle at a seat ( at most times, it's the same one I have been sitting ever since I have been taking this cab).

Whether I concentrate or not, I hum to the music of Radio City…. listen to everything that's told there....sometimes informative :)

It's surprising to see the amount of reading I can do…. if I am carrying a book...else, it would be the news paper... a real good time to read it…. (Well….the best time is while you are sipping a hot cup of coffee).

Then it would be the rush hour traffic.... without my knowledge I would have been thinking as to what's going to happen to the city, what could be done, is there a solution?? ... As we move on the Outer Ring Road (The ORR), you get to see huge companies.... Intel, Accenture etc… also, a good amount of greenery….and if one's lucky to be near the airport when the plane is flying low, it's a sight to watch…. overall the ORR drive is nice…. at times I doze off because of the cool breeze outside!

Well…. then comes Marathahalli…. The Godforsaken bridge which connects the rest of the city to the ITPL area... (Well, there are other ways to get there! but.. this is the shortest!). So after crossing this... the biggest hurdle, this I finally reach office..

...Evening another journey happens…. This times a longer one!
Alas.....all this said.. I have to continue doing this day after day..... I am used to now only irritates me when caught at a traffic jam.... well, that's normal.... Isn’t it???

Thursday, September 22, 2005

ShivanaSamudra Trip

We had been to Shivanasamudra ( Shimsha/ Bluff falls )trip on
the 14th of August. The 3-day weekend did work out well for me...
(for the first time.. as planned) . The Lalbagh Flower show, trip to
Shivanasamudra, met friends, watched a movie.. it was ideal.
But, ever since that holiday, I have been so held up with work
that I don't remember anything else except office. We had a nice time that day, 2 cars - Dad's and cousin's, 7 of us... had a blast. But, can you beleive it, there were about 10,000
people (or may be more) that day.. guess all the last minute planners
went there!
But, it was quite a beauty to see Cauvery flowing with
such glory...some Pics..