Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lingual botherations...

Strange are the ways these days.....I am talking specifically about people around me, people whom I have come across and interact and may be myself!!!
We have been noticing the boom in IT industry all over India; mainly focusing on the very obvious scene in Bangalore.
Firstly, with the growing IT industries, huge opportunities, people from all places around move into the Software Capital. It is very nice to see all forms of societies, cultures meeting up at one place and living harmoniously. The facilities for living have improved, there are talks about infrastructure taking better curves, there is a whole new outlook to life in such a vast environment.
But, on the other hand the loser here is the Language. It's losing it's significance in the name of cosmopolitan and sophistication. It's lost its usage in the hands of it's own people.
How often we see two Kannadiga's talking in the most popular foreign language here. It would be quite sometime before they realize that they have a common language between them. A more sorry state is that even upon knowing that the person is a kannadiga people converse in another language....is it styles, a status quo?
I can relate to this with myself. A good friend of mine and me at work never spoke to each other in Kannada, though we knew that each other know the language well. It's such a sad situation.
We made it a point to work on it.... and now, we converse in Kannada....it feels much better..... we have become more friendlier than before.
Nevertheless, it's better to be cognizant of the fact and work upon it by nature.