Friday, February 17, 2006

The Joy of Finding Things!!!!!!!

A few days back I was on leave for a couple of days. I thought it's high time I do some good to my cupboard drawer...poor thing wasn't cleaned in years.... this section of my cupboard was like a treasure (as I call it!!!)...had many things..... but didn't know what it actually contained.

As I started doing the cleaning, the only thing I had in mind was to dispose off all the unnecessary things, all the junk I have been collecting for ages!!! But what actually happened was quite different....I found so many things which are such a sweet remembrance of school days, college days, times spent with friends, cousins. It took me down the memory lane and I saw myself going back and re-living each incident.... every small detail of it!!!!

Isn't it lovely to find things like this??? Small things.... it brings back the smile on your face. As I went digging through my little treasure......I found a whole bundle of it the autograph book where all our school teachers have left a note for us as we leave school and step into a new world, be it that autograph book which contains the signatures of our favourite Cricket fans/movie stars, the movie tickets-which happened to be the first movie I watched with friends way back when at school, or the pencil sketch which I had got done at some exhibition, a caricature of myself!, the old chocolate wrappers, some money in the old wallet that was used long back, all the ink pens, the phone book, the birthday greeting cards, well…........the list would go on.... each one of this brought with it a pleasant memory and recalling them brings so much joy!!!!

..... One who would have come so far reading this might wonder why have I put it all up here?!!??

.............It's just the excitement in me that just couldn't stop me from penning it down......all the fun I had as I discovered each piece from my den...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Time - a Healer

This is something I have been hearing for a long time now. "Time
would heal", "Time is the healer", "Leave it to time".

Does Time heal? ....... I believe it does. Time plays its role in
so many aspects. Be it some injury, time definitely heals it. Some
incident that a person wants to forget ... time makes one forget it.
Things not going your way..... Leave it to time, this is just a
passing phase, a bad patch...... everything will be alright.

At 'times' it makes me wonder, is this phrase used because it
actually works?! Or is it the most appropriate thing to say at those
instances when nothing else can be said and silence is killing.

As this thought came by... I remembered a friend of mine
saying something so contradictory about Time being a healer. "Yes,
Time does heal.... but then it's too late, it's a Operation Success,
Patient Dead situation"........does this hold good? This might be
true at times as it is frustration when someone waits for time to
take over and act upon and one has to just wait.

There are something’s that are not in one's hands....and we
have to just leave it to time..... After all, it does change things!

I remember this song ..... Time Changer of Boney M