Friday, September 22, 2006

The Nilgiris Mountain Railway

It's been long since I have written a blog, infact written anything at all. To get rid of the feeling of being annoyed with myself about not updating, here's my attempt to get back to something I loved doing- Blogging!!!!

Last November, I had been to Ooty. It was a desperate effort to make a journey to some place near/far and get away from the basic routine. Ooty is a hot favourite for most Bangaloreans as it is the nearest hill station to the city. So, without thinking twice, I proceeded with my plan. The only thing, I looked forward was to do something different this time around, at Ooty.

Keeping this in mind, I headed to take one of the most coveted journeys in the Indian take a train journey from Ooty to travel by the "Nilgiris Mountain Railway". The ‘Nilgiris toy train’ connects Ooty to mettupalayam, a town at the foot of the Nilgiris.

It's an awesome experience. I got to enjoy some breathtaking sceneries, it's a ride in the clouds with fresh air surrounding you.

The train paces only at about 10kms an hour, passing through tunnels, bridges, tea plantations, the nilgiris trees, small's a scene which you wouldn't forget for years to come.

I would say, it's worth going on this tour-a very different experience, very refreshing feeling. Next time, I would like to take the complete tour. Check out more -