Saturday, September 27, 2008

A lazy afternoon at Regent's Park

One of the positive things about living in Central London is it's proximity to some of the very well known attractions of the world. The place steeps in History and one can notice the architecture, the design of ages long ago.

Apart from the many buildings, the palaces, the riverside, cathedrals, the city boasts of having almost 30% (not sure of the exact percentage) of green spaces.
One of the Royal Parks - the Regent's Park is just about a 10minute walk from home and on a sunny afternoon one weekend, I decided to stroll along with my camera and capture a few shots of the boating lake, the greenery around, the relaxed lifestyle of the people here - see them on.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Coffee Shop

I am trying hard not to write another post about coffee....well, I just go weak when I see, the inspiration behind blogging this one after such a long time is a small coffee shop that I am now at.
Life, work has been taking me to places that I never dreamed of, had never heard of, had never known its existence...strange are the ways of life. Never had I thought that I would be sitting here in a small coffee shop in the small town of Newport in South Wales overlooking the town market, some hills, a church, the train station hearing occasional chugging of trains...yes.. all this in one view. Isn't that wonderful? side of it is the place, the other is the coffee..what else would you like in a chill weather than a hot cup of coffee on a comfortable couch and free wi-fi!!! God! I couldn't have asked for more to start writing this blog.
Well....there are some nice things in life....but one cant get everything....somehow my thoughts now go towards the people I am really fond of,my close near and dear ones...I am really missing you all....Nothing seems complete without the company of your close ones...isn't it?? cannot see two faces of the coin at one go! So....need to just see the brighter side of things...
Well.. good ol' fellow bloggers....if you happen to read this, you must be thinking...'what a pathetic attempt' as a come back...well.. i know I know.. I need to get back to some serious blogging....will not be too long this time :)