Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It's been a long time since I have posted something, what bothers me is the reason why I haven’t posted anything - Lethargy. From the past few days there's been a bad feeling, I have become so lazy...I am scared why this lack of interest in everything.

I have been thinking about blogging, but haven’t, I see sometimes that I am lazy to even leave a comment for a nice post that I read. I read a lot of books, but i have seen myself being lazy to start one after the completion of another. I want to help mom at work @ home, but I put it ahead and by the time i think about it, the work is already done. Whether it's mailing a friend, meeting up a friend, reading something, cleaning, writing up a post....everything......I feel so laid back.

As always, it's easier to put it on something... I feel lazy because of the weather, because it's a holiday.... I don't want to rush up things, even when it comes to starting something, it would be -tomorrow would be a better day. These can be quite dangerous thoughts.... need to energize and give a kick start.........I really wanna be active again! (Feel’s like with great difficulty I am putting up this post today!)