Monday, February 04, 2013

A Tryst with Writing

Why do I blog? Never really thought about it until this day. Today when a friend mentioned that I blog for others and not for myself,  it got me thinking. My initial reaction was how wrong it was.....but I had to think about it before I concluded on it.  Another one said,I always blog about myself.....that was also something I thought about.....

Now, like most other things with respect to me...this too has many answers.

I started blogging as a past time when a friend introduced me to it. I started off as it was the cool thing to do. Like most things new, there is a certain thrill in carrying on with it. I always wrote a little diary, but a blog gave me a chance to write more general stuff...I started recording some thoughts, some memories, some happenings as I went along.

I then kept at it for the little circle of friends I made in this blog world. This was exciting... like writing and reading anothers work and discussing it without having met any of these people. We kept each other company giving that little appreciation, that little push when nothing was written. That went on for a while and died down.

There was a gap in writing too as other things happening in so called life took over and interested me more than writing some random notes and putting it out.

There was also those times when I got really concious of the fact that what I think and say is out in the open, in the WWW. I was consious of the fact that my english isn't flawless, vocabulary not always correct and the content either being sensitive or meaningless or incomplete.  

I'm back at it again since last year more than any other time and this time it's not for the push, not for the appreciation, not coz it's a cool thing to do, not coz someone asked me to. 

It's probably coz I have a lot of 'Me' time and I want to do something in it than sitting and thinking about all things that don't leave me anywhere. It's also coz I have always enjoyed writing and also reading my own blogs from time to time- a way of seeing how I have grown as a person and perhaps in a little way as a writer. I don't think I have a great memory and I realised it quite I like to record as much detail as I can....most of it to myself...some for the virtual world.

I write today as I have the flow....I write coz not many read it...and probably I want to be noted in a world where I am not known to anyone personally but as someone with many different views of life and it's ways....I write coz it brings me joy.  

I also write about myself .....firstly coz that's a endless topic, secondly coz I don't know enough detail about many other things in life to write about and thirdly coz if I don't write about myself....who will?