Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trying to Write

It is so frustrating to have a 'writers block'. I am trying hard to put so many of my thoughts across but in vain. I should probably follow the trick of carrying a book and a pen wherever I am. I seem to have a rush of writing something at the most unusual time and place and when I actually sit at it the mind goes blank.

I am trying to pen down my thoughts about London. The city I have been living in for close to 4 years now. The city in which I really don’t have family or friends, it’s just him and me. This city which is considered to be one of the oldest, one of the great cities of the world; This city which has accepted me the way I am and has taught me a whole new lesson in life.

I am trying to write a journal about the places here and put my thoughts together to give my take on it. Trying hard to put thoughts, moments, pictures together.. You will see more when I get to it.... Hopefully soon...

Monday, June 13, 2011

'This' Day of 'That' Week

I wonder whether this is a concept of the western world...To have mother's days & fathers' days and valentine's days and so on....The opinionated mind of mine has of course accepted this a very long time ago. In fact I have also planned a card, a gift or even a meal on such 'created' occasions for the loved ones

On one of the routine commutes on the public Transport, having grabbed the daily local, flipping through the various day to day stories, i had noticed a few interesting days like these......had never heard of them before this and it makes me wonder who came up with such ideas or perhaps call it a campaign.

With the start of summer, ‘at least, as they say it here’....there was this national 'Ice Cream week'......didn't see any change in the way things worked, however there was a ‘HMS Flake 99’ cream boat on the river Thames - reminded me of the snack boat on the Ooty lake.

Then there was the UK Spa Fortnight ... I see it as a fantastic way to advertise the world of beauty therapy, feel pampered, look after yourself business!

Some others on a more recognisable note, This month also marks the official birthday of queen Elizabeth II and the official – 90th birthday of her husband Prince Phillip On the other scale of things the Summer Solstice or the longest day of the year.

Though one side of me wonders how the day of this and the week of that is devised and how it makes people fall for 'many a times' a created hype, the other side of me thinks it gives some people something to do, it gives the creative ad agencies some money and employment to those involved in the creation of the concept, the various other companies, their business and for someone like me a thought process.....