Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It's been a long time since I have posted something, what bothers me is the reason why I haven’t posted anything - Lethargy. From the past few days there's been a bad feeling, I have become so lazy...I am scared why this lack of interest in everything.

I have been thinking about blogging, but haven’t, I see sometimes that I am lazy to even leave a comment for a nice post that I read. I read a lot of books, but i have seen myself being lazy to start one after the completion of another. I want to help mom at work @ home, but I put it ahead and by the time i think about it, the work is already done. Whether it's mailing a friend, meeting up a friend, reading something, cleaning, writing up a post....everything......I feel so laid back.

As always, it's easier to put it on something... I feel lazy because of the weather, because it's a holiday.... I don't want to rush up things, even when it comes to starting something, it would be -tomorrow would be a better day. These can be quite dangerous thoughts.... need to energize and give a kick start.........I really wanna be active again! (Feel’s like with great difficulty I am putting up this post today!)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Monday, October 10, 2005

Our Trip to....

It finally was two years since we have completed our engineering, few of us from class met and decided that we can plan to go out on a tour some place, wherein we get to have fun together, see some good locations, may be trek around and spend quality time with each other.
We decided to go to Chickmagalur and Kemmungundi.We were 7 of us.

It was a lovely place.... post monsoon is the best time to get there.

Everything looked green and clean and fresh. We had a great time...

We took a bus to Chikmagalur on Friday night, reached the destination at 4:30 the next morning. Our dear friend had everything arranged for us with the help of our dad. We checked into a hotel, freshened up and started towards Mulayanagiri which is Karnataka's highest peak. We had a Qualis for our journey for the next two days around the place. The road which took us there was awesome. The vehicle took us to a good distance atop the hill after which we had a small trek.

On the way back, we stopped at all the breath taking view points and every brook that came our way. We stopped by a waterfall - we just named it Honamma falls as there was a small temple by that name there :-)

We then went to Manikyadhara and Bababudangiri -well known for the durga-temple.

We were tired with no lunch by this time... there was no place where we could get anything to eat.... we had to reach Kemmungundi to have any kind of food.

we reached there at noon. Had a good meal.... anything we had on plate tasted great. We checked into the Horticultural bunglow (again, we got this with the help of our friend). Then took some rest and started to a spot called Z-point (called this as thereis a Z written on a hill). Some of my friends went up the hill whereas the rest of us stayed back. It was starting to get cold and we retired at our room and played dumb-charades for quite sometime. It was pouring like crazy outside. Two of my friends packed dinner for all of us. We were tired as such slept early.

The next day was a trek day for us. We went to Hebbe falls. The trek down the hills to reach the waterfall was something to remember. It was about 6-7kms... Started off on a mud road and then paths made by people been there before, and then through the coffee plantations, passing through small streams…. it was lovely. We were there at the waterfall and to get back to kemmungundi we hired a jeep.

That evening we went to a temple at was a serene place. That night, had dinner and started back to Bangalore.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Everyday Journey

I had wanted to write about this from a long time…..but,somehow haven't had the time and patience :).

A minimum of 2 hours everyday go for traveling from home to office and back.... considering the fact that office is soooo far from everything!!!

Initially I was getting really irritated by the fact that so much time is wasted daily. Something had to be done about the same. Talks happened regarding Car-pooling, but this doesn't work out daily as the timings each person works is different. So, I had to stick to the same thing... take the morning shuttle to office at 7:45 and use the same service in the evening either @ 6:15 or 7:30.
It's been long since this daily journey has become a part of me. There was a time when I used to grumble each day, but I slowly came out of it... there is something good and bad about everything.... isn't it???

To start with….in the morning, to take my shuttle, I take a small walk from home; the good to it is the small walk I get to do in the fresh morning air…..whereas at times when I am late even this 5 minute walk feels like a mile.

I get into the cab and see familiar faces….. A small greeting with each other ( mostly seated at the same seat you see them everyday!), I settle at a seat ( at most times, it's the same one I have been sitting ever since I have been taking this cab).

Whether I concentrate or not, I hum to the music of Radio City…. listen to everything that's told there....sometimes informative :)

It's surprising to see the amount of reading I can do…. if I am carrying a book...else, it would be the news paper... a real good time to read it…. (Well….the best time is while you are sipping a hot cup of coffee).

Then it would be the rush hour traffic.... without my knowledge I would have been thinking as to what's going to happen to the city, what could be done, is there a solution?? ... As we move on the Outer Ring Road (The ORR), you get to see huge companies.... Intel, Accenture etc… also, a good amount of greenery….and if one's lucky to be near the airport when the plane is flying low, it's a sight to watch…. overall the ORR drive is nice…. at times I doze off because of the cool breeze outside!

Well…. then comes Marathahalli…. The Godforsaken bridge which connects the rest of the city to the ITPL area... (Well, there are other ways to get there! but.. this is the shortest!). So after crossing this... the biggest hurdle, this I finally reach office..

...Evening another journey happens…. This times a longer one!
Alas.....all this said.. I have to continue doing this day after day..... I am used to now only irritates me when caught at a traffic jam.... well, that's normal.... Isn’t it???

Thursday, September 22, 2005

ShivanaSamudra Trip

We had been to Shivanasamudra ( Shimsha/ Bluff falls )trip on
the 14th of August. The 3-day weekend did work out well for me...
(for the first time.. as planned) . The Lalbagh Flower show, trip to
Shivanasamudra, met friends, watched a movie.. it was ideal.
But, ever since that holiday, I have been so held up with work
that I don't remember anything else except office. We had a nice time that day, 2 cars - Dad's and cousin's, 7 of us... had a blast. But, can you beleive it, there were about 10,000
people (or may be more) that day.. guess all the last minute planners
went there!
But, it was quite a beauty to see Cauvery flowing with
such glory...some Pics..

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Flowers all the way...

I had been to the Lalbagh Flower Show... and this was a part of the huge palette of colours we saw............

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I love Greenary

Green is a colour which soothes the eye. The sight of greenary.... plants, huge trees, wide fields gives a pleasant feeling. I enjoy myself amidst nature.

3-day Weekend

A 3-day weekend after a long time. the 13th, 14th, 15th of August
is a fairly long weekend for most of us. Anyone planning for
something nice.. maybe a weekend Getaway, a relaxing time at home,
with friends or finishing up work???

It's been really long since we got a 3-day weekend,the last was
Good Friday sometime in April. I was just planning out something nice
with parents, cousins & friends. It's tuesday today and I am already
talking of the weekend... one can imagine how badly I need it.

The Monday paper had a beautiful picture of the 'Sivanasamudra'
waterfall... (a.k.a...bluff, gaganachukki,bharachukki)...what about a
weekend getaway? this place is just 122kms from Bangalore on the
Mysore-Bangalore highway, the waterfalls look full... thanks to the
good rains. It would be a beauty to see it... though playing in the
waters would be risky.

Apart from that, the flower show opens today at Lalbagh, entry
fee just at Rs.15 per head. Thought this would make a perfect half
day outing if wanting to stay at Bangalore. We Bangaloreans often
forget that we have a nice Botanical garden at the heart of the city
and always tend to talk about whatz there in the rest of the world.

The only con is that any place you go would be very crowded and
you might end up watching more heads than anything else....

On this side, it's hoping for the best and looking forward to
having a nice time!

Monday, August 08, 2005

White Beauty...

Could capture this when the swan was almost trying to get into the waters. I loved its thick, white feathers.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Glimpses of Paris

This was my first pit stop at Paris... The "Arc de Triumph / Charles de Gaulle Etoile".. this was built by Napoleon. It was a beautiful monument ( looked more or less like our Gateway of India ),the main thing was that we could go on top of this.. ( climbing the scary spiral staircase ), you can get a beautiful view of the Eiffel, The main street Champs Elysses, also there were about 8 roads intersecting at this point. ...More to come..

The roads meeting up at the "Arc de Triumph"

This snap is taken from the inside of the Louvre...the biggest museum in the world.
The glass pyramid is the reception/entrance.

Eiffel... need not say more... the last one was taken at 2:00 in the night

The Notredame Church.... near the river Seine

The Sacre Cour church.. beautiful place.. atop a hill, could get a good view of the city.