Monday, September 17, 2012

Frustration - Unspoken Conversations!

I wish I was not such a private person. Of course for people who think they know me, I come across as a cheerful, lively soul who is chatty and talkitive, enjoying the company of family and friends all of which is true. However every person seems to have their other side and that for me is the person who struggles to
talk what is enveloping her mind every passing minute.

Yes! I have problems talking things out. I come really close to saying it, I would have weaved a story in my mind about how I am going to start, go through and end the conversation. I would have also thought of the 'right time' to make certain conversations - to say things, I also might have a Plan B and C if this time and circumstance does not work but the bottom line is 'I never say it out'.

It has come to a stage where I am frustrated almost every other day thinking what a failure I am!

Why is it so hard to speak?? Why is it so hard to open up? I am talking about opening up to people who are close to me, people who mean a lot to me.