Friday, June 22, 2012

Killing Thoughts

I cant be doing this...I don't want to do that..
I can't believe it has come to this stage!
I can't say that...I don't wanna say anything.
I can't understand why this is happening!
I don't want to get into this.
I don't know what might happen??
I can't get you.. Why can't you get me..
Don't you hear me..don't you understand me..
I can't understand why things have to be "this" way
Why can't things be done this way?
I can't digest any more of your cold behaviour towards me!
I don't get the reason behind you treating me this way!
I can't get over by the fact it is considered that whatever i have is not good and the thoughts which run through my mind are not right.
I can't take this anymore..

.....Why is it that thoughts, thoughts that are negative, thoughts that kill always

envelops my mind!!! does it happen with everyone or is it me!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Negative thoughts are with everyone.. It is just about trying to get rid of it....overpowering it with positive ones..
    tough to begin with, then becomes 'the way we think' :)